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Our Story

It all started back in 1960 at a little pizzeria in Salina, Kansas. "Tony" Paglia and his brother-in-law Dick Barlow set out to create the perfect pizza in their pizzeria, Tony’s Little Italy. They knew the secret to authentic taste was the crispy, crunchy crust topped with real ingredients.

In the ‘70’s Marvin Schwan purchased that little pizza company in Kansas and began sharing its delicious pizza nationwide. As the country’s first frozen pizza, TONY'S® Pizza soon found millions of pizza-loving fans across the country through grocery stores and even schools.

Now, over 50 years since that first TONY'S® Pizza, we have brought back that original flavor, so you can enjoy that same, authentic, pizzeria style taste. It starts with layers of light, crispy, crunchy crust topped with sauce made from real tomatoes. Then we cover it in real cheese and all your favorite toppings.

Our pizzeria recipe gives TONY'S® Pizza a taste that’s as delicious as it is authentic.